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September 03, 2021 | By Amy

Be in the know with what's hot and happening on Newbury Street

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Newbury Street - one of the most famous neighborhoods located in Boston, Massachusetts with an endless amount of opportunity to explore. From restaurants and bars to salons and boutiques, there is something going on around every corner. It can get overwhelming for any local to determine where to go or what to do on the eight blocks that make up this Bostonian street. With something always happening, you do not want to miss out on anything exciting. Get ready to experience Newbury Street like never before with GoNation.

GoNation is here to keep you in the know on Newbury. With their success in the Squares (Harvard Square, Kendall Square, and Central Square), they have migrated over to the Back Bay. Always know what the local businesses have to offer in the palm of your hand. Their web platform and app have solved the local discovery problem occurring on Newbury Street. They have figured out how to rekindle the connection between a customer and a business.

Now you can discover the latest dinner specials, flash sales, salon deals, or live music events in the moment. Do not waste any more time aimlessly walking along the street. With GoNation, you can tap into the pulse of Newbury Street and instantly search and discover what you desire for free.

GoNation is all about local and their platform is designed to help you find what makes your neighborhood so special. Not only are they helping their users discover Newbury Street, but they are providing the local businesses with tools to better position themselves to the public. The platform is easy to navigate with a modern design that allows a business owner to manage their website, update their menus, and reach new customers when they join GoNation for free. Local matters and their platform is meant to help the small businesses of Newbury Street thrive.

What time is happy hour at Joe’s American Bar & Grill? What is the ice cream flavor of the week at Emack & Bolio’s? When is the end of season sale at Crush Boutique? Where is the best salon to get my hair done? Where can I find live music in Boston? With GoNation, all these questions can be answered with just a tap into the pulse of Newbury Street. Get to know Newbury now. Download the GoNation app and sign up today!

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