Tap into the Pulse of your city

New technology that helps you discover amazing small businesses

September 03, 2021 | By JM

GoNation focuses on tapping into the pulse of your city so you can discover better local experiences. But, what exactly is the pulse? What is broadcasted on the pulse? How does someone use the pulse? It's time to tap into understanding the pulse of GoNation.

Before we get into defining the pulse, let's locate it first. The pulse is represented by this icon. It looks like a heart rate monitor because we believe every city is alive with a beating pulse. You can locate the pulse icon on your drawer bar or bottom bar.

The definition of the pulse comes from the Nationary (our GoNation dictionary). The pulse is live updates from local businesses and fellow GoNation users based on the location or the people and businesses you follow. This is where you would discover a dinner special, a local happy hour, a flash sale, a live music event...anything that is happening in real-time. It is your guide to fast and easy local discovery. Search the pulse to find exactly what you want, when you want it. The pulse is meant to inspire you to not miss out on life and discover something amazing in the moment.

The content in the pulse is ENDLESS. When you tap into a city, the pulse will load with content created by local businesses and GoNation users. Local businesses create shouts which are announcements about specials or promotions that the business is sharing with the public. The pulse will show you the chef's special that your favorite restaurant is cooking up tonight or the new clothing line launched at your favorite boutique. You will also notice raves or rants in the pulse from fellow GoNation users who shared their experience. A user just raved about the cocktail she is drinking at a new bar and another user is having the time of his life at a local concert. You will never miss out on an experience again because you will always know what is going on in an area when you scroll through the pulse.  When you sign into GoNation, the first pulse that will appear is the pulse around you. So if you happen to be walking around Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts and log into GoNation, the pulse will update to everything happening around you in Harvard Square. If you want to see what is going on in New Haven, Connecticut or New Orleans, Louisiana, you can tap into a different city's pulse. We have given you easy access to see what is going on anywhere based on your current location or chosen destination. If a city you tap into does not have a pulse yet, start developing your own pulse in the city by raving or ranting and tagging your location. GoNation will be powering that city's pulse soon.

You can customize the pulse anyway you want to discover better. Filter your pulse to only see photos or events. Filter your pulse to only see local businesses or fellow users that you follow. You are creating your own custom pulse. You can view a business's pulse when selecting that specific business page and see all of their shouts. You have your own personal pulse on your profile based on the experiences you share. There are multiple ways to transform the pulse, but in the end, you are getting the same result which is an easier and faster way to find an exciting experience.

If you know what you want at the exact moment in time, searching the pulse is so simple! You can either scroll through the pulse, search what you want on the top navigation bar, or categorize your search with the category filter.

GoNation's creation of the pulse has transformed the way people explore cities and how a local business thrives. The pulse is your guide to instant local discovery no matter where you are and provides you with an instant connection to the businesses in your area.

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