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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Download the GoNation App for Your Business

September 03, 2021 | By JM

GoNation - a trend-setting website and app that helps people discover better local experiences.
With GoNation, we have rekindled the connection between how your business is going to be
found by your customer. It is our goal to lead our users to discover your business and supply
your business with the tools that will make you thrive online and offline. Not convinced yet?
Here are four reasons why you should add or claim your business on the GoNation platform
and download the GoNation App today!

1. Free local promotion

GoNation is free for the user and the business. By utilizing our app and platform, you will be promoting
your business to the public with just a tap of a button. When a customer logs into the app, your business's
updates will show in the pulse and they will be able to instantly find you. There are no charges or fees.
We have streamlined the digital marketing process with the accessibility of our free local promotion platform.
We are all about local at GoNation. Local matters and we want our users to experience what makes
your business special.

2. Manage your business

We have provided each business with tools that will allow you to easily manage your online presence to
quickly access your customer base. When you create your personal GoNation business page, our features
allow you to update your menu items, broadcast shouts, add photos, showcase events your business is
hosting, and change your hours. Basically, we are giving you the ability to bring customers to your business
in the palm of your hand! By becoming a GoNation powered website, everything that you change on your
GoNation business page automatically will update your personal website. The goal is to make your life
easier so you can focus on running your business and interacting with your customers.

3. It's so simple!

So, you are not that tech worries! The website and app are easy to use and simple to navigate
with a modern new design. No need for stress or confusion. We have created a simple tool to help you
promote your business to locals in the area.

4. Interact with your customers

What are you waiting for? Download the GoNation app and visit to create or claim your business today. Start thriving with GoNation.By joining GoNation, you are becoming a part of GoNation’s online community and reconnecting with your local area. Let your community know what you are up too. A shout gives you a direct link to interacting with your customers. Is the chef making a new dinner special tonight? Live band performing at your restaurant? A must-try cocktail that you know the people will love? Broadcast your shout in the pulse and people will come right to your door ready to give you their business. GoNation is increasing your chances of getting discovered and supplying you with what you need to help better your business.

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