Why Local Matters?

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September 03, 2021 | By Eric Loves Beer

Local Matters is our motto that we stand by. At GoNation, we value local. It's why we do, what we do. GoNation was created in order to solve the local discovery problem. Now, what exactly is the local discovery problem? Local discovery is broken. People have lost touch with their local community. Businesses cannot properly target their customers to show them how special they are. People are left in the dark and settle for the same boring experiences because they are tired of wasting time searching for something new. Local businesses are overshadowed because there is no tool to help them properly get discovered. There is a constant struggle to rebuild a connection between the people in a city and the local businesses that make up the city.  

GoNation uses technology in an innovative way to support better local discovery. Our platform and app repair the link between a person and a small business. Our users will no longer deal with the hassle of searching for something for hours, only to be disappointed. There is no need to settle for a boring time when you have a tool that instantly shows you something new and exciting waiting to be discovered. We realized how much of an issue it was for businesses to show the world who they are. Local businesses can now easily show the community what they have to offer and why people should visit them.

We built GoNation with the user and business in mind. The user is missing out on a better local experience happening right in front of them. The business is missing out on interacting with their local community and the opportunity to expand. Life is too short to miss out on anything. There is an endless amount of places to be discovered and connections to be made, but GoNation just made the process easier for everyone.  

We live and breath local. The GN HQ has a "Local" mural created by artist, Graham Dale, in the center of the office. It is a daily reminder of who we are and what our mission is as a tech company that is making a difference. We model t-shirts that say "Local" or "Local Matters" across the chest to embrace our messaging. We have constant communication with the local business owners so we can help them thrive.  Local sits center stage at GoNation and we embody its importance in all of our company branding and communication.

GoNation has reinvented local discovery to create a continuous support system between the people and the businesses in a city. Discover a local restaurant in the pulse of a city. Easily search for the latest sales from the local retailers. Find an event that brings the local community together. This is why GoNation was created to power local discovery so cities can feel like home.

Eat local. Shop local. Support local. Because local matters.

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